Online SAT Schools SAT 1 Preparation Course & Practice Tests

Online SAT School SAT 1 Test Preparation is aimed at making the students capable of achieving high scores in the SAT Test. We offer the best in class online teaching for SAT 1 tests & SAT 1 Test Preparation.

What We Offer

 Practice recommendations

 Dedicated SAT trainers

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Interactive practice lessons

Customized learning methods and lessons

Top scoring instructions

Benefits Of Online SAT School Preparation


Individual Attention


Real-Time Class Room Ambiance

SAT 1 comprises of two subjects – Math and English.

 The topics included in Maths are:

Number and Operations

Algebra and Functions

Geometry and Measurement

Data Analysis





3 supervised Practice Tests and review

Review of 3 Practice Tests given as Home Assignments

Concepts and Approaches

Numbers and Operations

Algebra and Functions

Geometry and Measurement

Data Analysis

Statistics and Probability

Online SAT School SAT 2 Preparation Course & Practice Tests


prepare our students to work on examples, problems, questions, and strategies to take the test

SAT 2 Math preparation Level 1 & Level 2:

Expert one on one teaching on SAT math tests including Algebra, Algebraic Functions, Geometry, Basic Trigonometry and Elementary statistics for Math Level 1 and Geometry, Probability, Data Analysis and statistics for Math Level 2

SAT II Biology preparation:

Prepares students to have a complete understanding of things such as graphic representation, biological data, and concepts, knowledge to interpret effectively, and synthesize data from charts, maps, and other types of visual media.

 SAT II Chemistry preparation:

Covers test topics of Environmental and Organic Chemistry, Lab Equipment, Lab Techniques, Chemical Reaction, Atoms, kinetics, Equilibrium, Radioactivity, Liquid, Solids, Gas, and Electron Configurations.

SAT II physics preparation:

The major topics covered in our SAT 2 online physics course are Heat, waves, Mechanics, Electricity, Magnetism, Modern physics, Thermodynamics, and Kinetic Theory.

 Student gets the following benefits:

Personalized and customized lesson plans to meet individual student’s needs in every subject Knowledgeable feedback on College Preparation and the Admission Process Access to view progress reports and communicate with teacher online in-between session.